Anfangen ist leicht, beharren eine Kunst;
To begin is easy, to persist is art;

Okay so first off; I’m no where near what’s generally considered ‘professional’ but I’ve decided I wanted (more like need) to do paid commissions because, as I’ve reiterated several times before, I’m poor and have no job and ergo need money.

I’ll make another post later that details a better looking commission post thing but for now, this will be my outline and a heads-up for later.

  1. I’m turning off the Anonymous feature to asks for the time being so I can avoid further anon requests.
  2. Paid commissions, as mentioned above, will start immediately after Yukine-tan's request.
  3. Requests that have already been made and are listed on the Commission Queue page will be kept free because I think it’s rather UNFAIR if I just SUDDENLY ASK FOR MONEY when, at the time those INNOCENT BYSTANDERS made those requests, I wasn’t asking for anything.
  4. Also, five slots will be open for people who are willing to pay me for a drawing. The requests that are in queue are considered side projects.

As for the commissions themselves, I was thinking:

  • B/W Line art
    • Bust = $10
    • Full body = $15
  • Colour line art
    • Bust = $15
    • Full Body = $20
    • Flat background only unless you want to specify a more detailed bg, then that’ll be an additional $5.
  • +$5 for additional character for either B/W or coloured portraits.
  • B/W Comic = ~$20-$25 Price might rise if more pages are added beyond ~5*
  • Coloured Comic = ~$30-$35 Base colours will be standard but shaded with highlights and other details will cost an additional +$5

B/W line art usually takes me a few hours to finish, coloured line art might take a day, usually less. B/W comics usually take me a week, give or take. Colour comics take me about a week and a half, depending on how detailed the request is and if they want more than 5 pages completed. Note that it’s mostly the sketching that really slows me down, plus I like everything to be perfect to my own standards.

I would like to send these physically out to Requesters but since I’m working on fumes here (money-wise), I will have to submit the request digitally, depending on how the Requester wants it (email and/or on tumblr, I guess?). Unless maybe the Requester is willing to pay extra for some neato glossy pro paper for portraits and maybe bristol paper for comics (not too sure how the printing process will work with that but again, this is only an outline)?

Does that sound fair at all? I mean, I’m pretty sure that’s the general consensus with other artists who sell their work. I would like some advice on how to do this without being a total bellend.

*Requester can discuss with me via email on how long (roughly) they want their comic to be. Comic pacing might be rushed if the request is heavy with details and confined within 5 pages minimum.

My computer is absolute pants and I’m currently writing this in Safe Mode because apparently no other method works to actually log into the system properly.

Since I’m using XP and Microsoft is being lame and not supporting the operating system any more, I’m forced to choose an alternative and since I have no money (not enough for a new computer, anyway (I found an okay one on Best Buy for $577.98)), I’m going to try switching to Linux, seeing as though that’s free and mUCH BETTER THAN WINDOWS (just sayin’).

If it’s the computer’s problem and not the OP, then I’m going to have a huge problem on my hands in terms of…well, everything; but in this case, it’s with art and requests are important.

I guess Ubuntu Linux is getting some really useful update or something tomorrow so I’ll have to wait until then. Meanwhile, I need a link to Paint Tool SAI for Linux if anyone can find a safe download anywhere. I’m pretty sure the main site distributes SAI for Windows and Mac only. Although I did find something maybe useful on DeviantART

I don’t draw girls often or really at all but now I rEALLY HAVE TO with this request.

Watch as I accidentally make her either too skinny and round or kinda muscular and scrawny. This is gonna be great.


Urghhgrgh friggle diggle I just. I’ll get to work soon. I guess I just don’t feel solid in this request I’m currently trying to muster up the details in. I’m…being a lazy perfectionist. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Fuck me.

I said I’d start the next request as soon as possible but for some reason I REALLY wanted to draw this and I don’t even know what it means.

micaxiii whispered:
Can I has some seme!Nagisa/uke!Rei? Rei is like pushed to a desk or something and Nagisa is grabbing his tie while wearing that seme-smile he has for a milisecond when he dances in the ending sequence. It can be nsfw, but it's not a requirement because I want them to wear some clothes anyway because I think that's hot. Thank you<3









Based off this

This SOOOOO didn’t take me 9 TRILLION YEARS plus INFINITY to complete this.

I’m gonna go die in a hole now, I apologise.

Can you feel the sexual tension in a stupid-ass situation?

I know I’m being a huge butthole right now and not updating very  much at all and I neglected to answer why. But I’ve been job hunting recently and I’m stressed and anxious about it all and want that to be understood. I also might be moving very soon and upon being hired, I’ll be away from the computer again until night. I’ll try my best to get work done here, though.

Although my potential room mate, Allison, is a piece of poop with her hella distracting television (not being passive aggressive here or anything).

Fyi: I’ve almost completed this one small comic for pure self-indulgence relating to Jean/Eren+Levi.

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The same thing happened to me except he married ME and I was so mad I restarted. Chrom is a wreck.

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Fire emblem awakening has put me in the same situation. It’s completely understandable

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